I was born a Midwesterner, but have found my true identity as a Pacific Northwesterner when I moved to Portland, Oregon eight years ago. You can call me Portlandivore, but if you accidentally call me Erin, I might just respond to you as well.   

I can often be found scouring the PSU Farmer's Market every Saturday morning, but you might also spot me walking around Northwest Portland, maybe with a latte from Sterling Coffee Roasters in hand, or maybe at Zupans cooking up new recipes for customers to try.  I'm a mostly self-taught home cook and baker, but also took Cooking 1, 2, & 3 and Baking 1 & 2 at Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati, OH before I moved to Portland.  My passion is to try all of the unique and abundant fruits and vegetables that the Pacific Northwest has to offer and come up with tasty and memorable recipes.